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Every year, hundreds of thousands of people immigrate to Canada and call it home. They come from across the world, carrying their dreams to advance their lives and have a better future for their kids. The first obstacle for anybody who wants to come to Canada is understanding the complex and detailed immigration process. It can get confusing, tricky and frustrating.

Canopus immigration was founded to help people aspired to immigrate to Canada by navigating the complicated immigration system and identify the best program that suits the clients’ profiles from 80+ different immigration programs.


Canopus simplifies what’s complex.


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Immigrating to Canada is more than just getting the visa stamped in your passport

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Finding the right immigration program can be tricky and even frustrating. We at Canopus take extreme care while analysing your needs, identifying relevant options, discussing in absolute transparency our recommendation for your immigration journey and simplifying the application process. Our objective is your case success and to see you in Canada.

Federal Skilled Workers Program

This program is one of the oldest programs available for skilled people who want to immigrate to Canada. The program qualifies people and awards them points based on their age, education, language ability, work experience length and ties to Canada.

If found eligible, you will be gain Permanent residency in Canada for you and the rest of your family with all the privileges that come with it. It is one of the fastest processing immigration programs under express entry system. Fill our online assessment link to check your eligibility for this program for FREE.

Canadian Experience Class

If you have come to Canada to study a post-secondary education and worked after your graduation for at least one year in full time or its equivalent in part-time, this program is designed for you.

The Canadian immigration system is awarding more points for applicants who studied and worked in Canada. It is one of the fastest processing immigration programs under express entry system. If you plan to settle permanently to Canada, fill our online assessment link to check your eligibility for this program for FREE.

Provincial Nominee Program

Skilled Applicants who didn’t score enough points to immigrate to Canada under The Federal Skilled Worker Program could still be eligible to immigrate to Canada through a Provincial Nominee Program. There are 13 provinces and territories in Canada, and each has its immigration programs.

Usually, Provinces has less threshold points than Federal programs, which give applicants another opportunity to come to Canada. Fill our online assessment link to check your eligibility for this program for FREE.

Investor Immigration Programs

Business owners who are interested in moving to Canada can do that by expanding their existing businesses and establishing a branch in Canada. This could be a great way for them to gain Permanent residency in Canada. Also, senior managers in companies who have experience in their fields can immigrate under this program.

In both cases, there should be a certain net worth of funds and a commitment to invest a specific amount (Depends on the program and the province). Fill our online assessment link to check your eligibility for this program for FREE.

Post Graduate Work Permits

International students who have completed their post-secondary education in Canada has the opportunity to obtain a Post Graduate Work Permit. This is a privilege, and it is possible to obtain it once in a lifetime. Students who use this wisely to gain work experience in Canada after graduation can transition to becoming permanent residents of Canada.

It is very crucial to apply for the Post Graduate Work Permit with the right documents and within the specified timelines. Failing to do so will result in a rejection and jeopardise your dream of settling in Canada. Contact us today to apply for your PGWP.

Citizenship Application & PR Card Renewals

Immigrants who obtained the privilege of PR status after living in Canada has responsibilities to maintain their PR status and renew their PR cards or apply for a grant of Canadian citizenship.

To assist you with your citizenship application or your PR card renewal, contact us today to check your compliance with your application criteria.

Certified Translation Services

To service our clients better we have partnered with Kattan Consultancy to provide Certified Translation service.

About Me

I am a licensed immigration consultant by the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) and a member of The Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants(CAPIC).

I was an immigrant myself. My journey was long, tedious and lacked the professional support from my consultant. My difficult experience inspired me to become an immigration consultant to represent like-minded professionals who aspire to forge a new life for them selve here in Canada by providing them with a smooth  immigration journey.



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“I have dealt with Canopus recently, they are professional , knowledgeable and makes the job delivered. My papers are handled very well and that ended by success. I highly recommend them and Abdulla”

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“Professional and supportive approach backed by knowledge. I know the owner from our time in corporate together, a decent person with a desire to help. Not many like that out there in the murky world of immigration consulting”

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“Professional service with attention to details. Abdulla is a trustworthy, honesty and gentle person to deal with. Highly recommend”


“Professional, dedicated and trustworthy! Highly recommended”

Wiam K.

“When it comes to dealing with immigration consultants, professionalism and ethics are crucial and I found both in Canopus Immigration Consulting Services. They really follow a very professional consultative approach that helped us make informed and most importantly successful decisions related to our immigration objectives. Thanks, Abdulla, for being a great help, your knowledge, ethics and professionalism are highly appreciated”

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